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Scope of Services and Influence

Since 1996, SouthernCarolina Alliance's scope of influence has increased tremendously because of several factors. As one of six economic development alliances in the State of South Carolina, SouthernCarolina Alliance represents the most rural economic development region of the state. Because of trends in the field, as well as an evolving focus at the state level, SouthernCarolina Alliance has initiated our own marketing and recruitment efforts around the world. In doing so, the Alliance has built coalitions with industry and government leaders in our state and nation's capitals, across Europe and North America, and within our own region of South Carolina.

SCA partners with not only the
S.C. Department of Commerce,
but also the public utilities
servicing our area, including
SCANA, Santee Cooper,
Bamberg Board of Public
Works, the Electric Cooperatives
of SC, Palmetto Economic
Development Corporation, CSX
Railroad, BellSouth, AT&T and Sprint
to bring industrial projects to fruition.
SCA has partnered with the SRS
Redevelopment Authority, USDA, the SRS
Community Reuse Organization, Clemson
University Extension Service,
USC-Salkehatchie, and local governments on
various projects for the community.

SCA has built relationships with government
agency representatives, including those at the
SC Department of Revenue, the SC Department
of Health and Environmental Control, the Lower
Savannah and the Lowcountry Councils of Governments
and the SC Secretary of State's Office. Government leaders
assisting our efforts and working with us on major projects
include U.S. Senator Lindsey Graham, U.S. Senator Jim DeMint,
Congressman Joe Wilson, Congressman Jim Clyburn, Governor Nikki Haley, former US Ambassador to Canada David Wilkins, former Director of Homeland Security for S.C. General Steve Siegfried, and former S.C. Governors Jim Hodges, Mark Sanford and David Beasley.

As a result, the Alliance was able to land the largest capital investment projects in the state in the years of 2000 and 2005. The projects, Kronotex USA and Grant Allendale, at the time they were announced, were two of the top ten economic development projects in capital investment in the State of South Carolina in twenty years. According to the S.C. Department of Commerce, both the per capita capital investment in the SouthernCarolina region and the per capita job creation over the last 10 years have outpaced the state average.


SouthernCarolina Alliance owns and operates several multi-county industrial parks encompassing over 2,000 acres of industrial property for development. SCA also markets the available industrial buildings, parks and sites within the six-county region. With a primary focus of marketing our region both nationally and internationally, SCA operates with a professional staff specializing in marketing, industrial recruitment, commercial recruitment, product development, grant administration and project management.

SCA assists existing industries with expansions and new industries with start-ups, serving as a liaison to state government, including the SC Department of Commerce, SC Department of Revenue, SC Department of Health and Environmental Control, and other agencies involved in licensing, permitting, and labor issues. The Alliance has assisted these industries in the execution and funding of environmental and engineering studies and site preparation, as well as public relations.

Our range of successfully completed and ongoing projects in marketing and community development includes master plans and strategic plans for our member counties; target industry studies; downtown development plans; streetscapes; regional transportation plans for rail, roads, and airports; multi-county tax revenue projects; existing industry council programs; annual regional leadership classes; infrastructure planning and construction; workforce development partnership programs; and regional and county housing studies.

Since its inception in 1996, SouthernCarolina Alliance has played a critical role in obtaining more than $900 million dollars in capital investment and $15.2 million in grant funding and in the creation of more than 3,700 jobs.

About SouthernCarolina Alliance

Our mission: Through ideals of cooperation and regionalism, sustain and create jobs that will improve the quality of life in the six counties of our region.

How we accomplish this mission

Marketing: Our external marketing programs are focused on both immediate and long term results. We market our region to companies and site consultants throughout North America and Europe using extensive and multi-faceted lead generation programs.

Product Development: Through product development we have improved our region's marketability to our targeted industrial clusters. We have identified and continue to develop an inventory of properties, including land, buildings and industrial parks throughout the region.

Community Development: SouthernCarolina Alliance assists municipalities and counties with planning, infrastructure projects and community development offering professional assistance, grants and implementation of grants. We have examined ways to locate and use private, corporate and public resources for community development in our region.

Workforce Development: We continue to develop a regional approach to meeting the challenges of high tech manufacturing, by creating specialized training through our technical colleges, our corporate partners and others. We also encourage our major industries and schools to utilize the WorkKeys® testing system.

Our Organization

SouthernCarolina Alliance is the non-profit economic development organization representing Allendale, Bamberg, Barnwell, Colleton, Jasper and Hampton Counties, which are located in the southwestern portion of South Carolina.

The mission of SouthernCarolina Alliance is to improve the quality of life for all of our citizens through job creation. Since its first year of operation in 1996, the Alliance has played an increasingly strong leadership role at the local, state, and federal levels.

The Alliance is governed by a board of directors, comprised of the region's most prominent business, industry, and government leaders. The board of directors includes 3 members appointed by each of the county councils of the member counties, and 12 or more members from the industrial community, who are appointed by the executive committee of the organization, and several investor members representing industrial leadership from around South Carolina.

The Alliance is also supported by an advisory board comprised of representatives from the county chambers of commerce, the county economic development boards, county administrators and council members, county education leaders, higher learning institutions, selected area business and industry leaders, state legislators, and representatives from our Congressional delegation.

In all, SouthernCarolina Alliance's board of directors and the advisory board consist of members of the chemical, forest products, textile, medical, alternative energy, agribusiness, metal fabrication, utility, and nuclear manufacturing industries and the education, military, government and health care fields.

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